Marmot Memo: Final Assembly

Marigold Community,

This is just a reminder that we are hosting our Year-End Assembly on June 26, 2019.  The Assembly will start at 1pm and we hope to have this completed by 2pm. We will be able to open our gym for seating at 12:35pm (following the lunch bell). We moved this assembly to the afternoon to enable more parents (including those that are picking up young siblings) to attend; however please understand that our space is limited while we have our entire school present and will only have seating space for an additional 140 people.  We hope to not be more than 1hour as our gymnasium will be very warm and it will be difficult for people (more specifically our younger students) to sit on the floor and be attentive for that duration.

Our Grade 5’s will be recognized during this assembly and following the assembly are welcome to socialize with peers and families under the natural shade of the trees surrounding our primary playground.  We will have water and maybe a cool treat to help beat the heat while we enjoy the last full school day.

The basic plan for the assembly is:

Start 1pm

Traditional Welcome

O’ Canada

String play “Royal Promenade” while our Grade 5 cohort enters

Grade 5 Group Photo at the front of the gym

Grade 5 pairings give speeches about their “memories”

Choir performance “We are the Young”

Div. 5 and 10 Drumming “Journey”

Thank you’s and Farewells to Staff, Parents, etc.

Year-End Slide show

Marmot Radio Closing

Grade 5’s exist and socialize with family at the primary playground.

As tradition – grade 4’s will set up and take down the gymnasium

Report cards will be handed out at the end of the day in the classrooms and Grade 5’s will also get their “Completion Certificate” with their report cards.

Tomorrow the Grade 5’s (and I)  go to Camp Thunderbird overnight for a fantastic  adventure and I will be back Wednesday by the end of school.  I will be able to dedicate more time and focus on the Year-End Assembly.  If you have questions, please wait, consider, and send me your thoughts the Thursday we are back from our trip.

Thank you,

Dwayne Doyle