Marmot Memos: May Newsletter

Marigold Community,
Can you believe it is already Mid-May and that there are only 7 more weeks until the end of the school year. This year has been exciting with lots going on and the last few weeks are just as packed with fun and engaging adventures including various field trips, musical performances, district transition afternoon (May 16), Track and Field meets, Drama Performances (May 22/23), the Grade 5 Year-End Trip (June 18/19), the Fare-well Assembly (June 26), the Marigold Year-End trip to Witty’s Lagoon (June 27), etc. So much going on and not much time to squeeze it all in!
A suggestion to all families that are feeling the stresses of his time of year, take a bit of time each week to plan what is happening to reduce any surprising stressors (even the best plans have unexpected surprises), find something that connects you as a family and plan/protect this time to ensure that your relationships remain strong, and with the so many “have to do’s”, I suggestion finding time for a bit of “want to do’s”, and the real magic is changing your mindset so that your lists are the same!
We wish you all a great 7 more weeks and a wonderful summer break!