General Information

Personal Appearance

Clothing or items with offensive words, slogans or pictures are not acceptable on school grounds or in the building.  Clothing or items that promote racism, sexism, violence, gangs, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products are not acceptable on school grounds or in the building.

Medication at School

Students who are required to take prescription drugs or over the counter drugs while at school, must have signed consent from the Doctor (form is available from our school office).  School staff cannot administer any form of medication unless authorized by the student’s doctor. EpiPens – new regulations require two EpiPens are left at school, one for child’s backpack and the other for the school office.

Personal Equipment and Belongings

  • Students who bring their roller blades to school are to remove them on the front steps before entering the school.
  • Students are not to use bicycles, scooters or skateboards on school property.  Students are to dismount as soon as they arrive on school property. Students who bring bicycles or ride scooters to school are to wear helmets and have a good lock for their bicycle.
  • Students are discouraged from bringing valuable equipment or large sums of money to school. If students bring any valuable items to school for a special reason, they will be expected to give it to the teacher or the office for safe keeping during the school day. The school does not provide insurance for lost, damaged or stolen articles.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found box is located in the hall by the office.  En­courage your children to check there for lost items.  The Lost and Found items are set out in the hallway by the stage several times a year – Interview Days, the week before Christmas Break, Spring Break and Summer Break. Items not claimed before June 30th are bagged and sent to a local charity. This may also happen at other times of the year as needed. A good time for you to check the Lost and Found is when attending the monthly Parents Advisory Council Meetings.