Attendance Phone: 250-479-8256
Attendance Email: Email

What should you do if your child is going to be absent from school?

If your child is absent, please call the Marigold “Callback Number” 479-8256 before 8:46 to report the absence or email

Marigold uses School Messenger, an automated communication system. One use of this system is an attendance tool.  If your child is absent and we haven’t received notification of that absence, you will receive an automated Synrevoice call.

School Messenger is also helpful in the case of an emergency or unexpected situation. It allows us to notify Marigold families and get information out directly and quickly!

What should you do if your child is late for school or is picked up before the end of the day?

If your child is late, he/she should come to the front doors of the school.  Either a parent or office staff will provide a late slip for the child and note the time of arrival.

If your child is picked up before the end of the day, please ensure that he/she has signed out by checking in with the office staff.

Something to Think About – The Importance of Attendance

Of course, the best place for your child, if he/she is ill, is home!  However, children sometimes miss school for reasons other than illness.  Did you know?  Research shows that when a student is absent more than 20% of the school year, the student has only a 1 in 6 chance of graduating from high school with his/her peer group.

School classrooms have changed, with an increased emphasis on interactive learning and participation. Missed time is therefore difficult and often impossible to make up, even when work is sent home.

Lateness makes a difference, too!  If a child, is frequently even 10 minutes late for school, he/she can miss the valuable time spent on preparation or organizational tasks or even the key concepts of the day’s first lesson.

Attending school regularly and being on time are two of the most important keys to success!