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School Newsletters
The school newsletter is published every Friday. We encourage all Marigold families to receive their newsletter via email. You can also view a colour version of the newsletter on this website. Please contact the school administrative assistant if you wish to receive a paper copy. If you have items of community interest for our newsletter, please submit to the school office.

Classroom  / Home Communication
Classroom teachers inform parents of classroom activities through any of the following: class newslet­ters, agendas, phone calls, letters and classroom websites. Parental authority for regular school journeys is captured in the initial pack-up going home during the first week students return to school in September.
If you are planning a vacation with your child while school is in session, we would appreciate you informing the teacher or the office.  We en­courage parents to first talk to the teacher regarding the impact on the child’s school progress before making vacation plans during school time.Synrevoice
École Marigold uses the Synrevoice automatic communication system.  This messaging system provides group emails, text messaging or automatic phone messages.  Synrevoice is also part of our “Call Back” program to ensure that your child has safely arrived at school. 

If your son or daughter (other than current grade 5 students) will NOT be attending Ecole Marigold next
year, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you to those parents who have already advised us.
Phone 250-479-8256 or email