Fine Arts

Drawing, Creating, Appreciating!

At Marigold School, children have many opportunities to express and build their creativity. In addition to classroom art programs, children are exposed to the work of the world’s masters as well as historical and contemporary BC, Canadian and First Nations artists. The Greater Victoria “Gallery in the Schools” program is just one-way children learn to reflect on and develop artistic skills.

Through the generosity of PAC support and ArtStart grants, children enjoy live performances through groups such as Andy the Scientist, Science World, and Eric Wilson.

Music Moves Us at Marigold!

Classroom Music

The Music program at Marigold is a thriving and vital part of the curricular and cultural life of the school. Students in all grades have music classes twice a week with a specialist teacher in a wonderful Music room supported by the Marigold PAC, SD61, and other community partners.

Marigold’s current Music teacher is Mrs. Shum, who has an extensive background teaching both Music and French.

Students begin learning musical concepts in Kindergarten through rhythmic and melodic exploration. These skills build sequentially throughout their years at Marigold as students are introduced through various musical activities to more complex rhythms, voice development, dance, melody, harmony, pitched and unpitched instruments, composition, and cultural elements of music.

By the time students are in Grade 3 or 4, they are ready to tackle an individual musical instrument, beginning usually with the recorder.

Once in Grade 4 or 5, Marigold offers a dynamic Ukulele program that synthesizes the various skills the students have developed over the years: singing, note reading, rhythmic accuracy, and performance skills. Adding an instrument into the mix allows young learners to develop their fine and gross motor skills, mathematical acuity, language mastery, cultural awareness, teamwork, and most importantly, confidence.


The choir is another important part of the Marigold school culture. The choir currently takes place within the school day and meets once per week for one hour. The Marigold choir traditionally comprises between 70 and 110 students from grades 2 through 5.

Grade 1 students who can read and show readiness are sometimes invited. The choir performs at the school assemblies for Remembrance Day, Winter Warm-Up in December, and Moving On in June. In addition, the choristers often sing off-campus at such events as Carol Singing at City Hall or other public venues, district performances such as Victoria Sings at UVic, and the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival.

The choristers are always excellent ambassadors for the school, performing and behaving at an admirable level. Participating in the choir gives students an added challenge and the exceptional and unique experience of large-ensemble music-making.



Students in Grade 5 are offered the opportunity to take part in the district Strings program. Students are given instruction twice per week during school hours and may choose to learn the violin, viola, or cello.

This program reinforces the many musical skills already acquired and develops musicianship, ensemble performance skills, cultural maturity, and, again, confidence. This program is generally taught by a district Strings specialist teacher.

Music is at the heart of many of the day-to-day activities at Marigold. Having a second classroom to call home helps our students develop a sense of belonging and camaraderie as they move through the grades at school.