Marigold School staff believe that excellent pedagogical practices can be enhanced through the thoughtful use of modern technology. By taking advantage of the best of the current technology, student learning, and engagement with the curriculum are supported and enhanced.

With this in mind, we have currently equipped three of our primary classes with state of the art Smartboard technology. The rest of our classes are equipped with document cameras and HD projectors. In addition, students and teachers access a class set of iPads for student projects and directed instruction.  A well-maintained lab allows students to engage in a variety of challenges.

In our Learning Support classroom, under the supervision of qualified staff, students have access to additional computer stations with educational software designed to meet a variety of learning needs.  New in 2015/16 is a small set of Chrome Books.  Part of a Learning Enhancement Grant special project, staff are exploring the question, “How will explicit instruction in the use of Google Docs via Chromebook laptops improve academic outcomes for grade 4/5 students with diagnosed learning disabilities impacting reading and writing?”