Social Responsibility

We care about ourselves, about others and about the world around us!
Ecole Marigold promotes safe, respectful and responsible actions.  We establish an atmosphere where students have the opportunity to experience success and thrive both academically and socially emotionally.

Marigold learners develop personal qualities that include:  Responsibility (effort and goal attainment); Self-Esteem (positive self worth and view of self); Sociability (understanding, adaptability, empathy, respectfulness); Self Management (self regulation), Integrity (ethical choices)  (Gibbs, Jeanne.  Tribes)  Staff believe that children benefit from specific teaching of self regulation skills; to this end, the Second Step program has become a primary resource.

Marigold learners also practice social responsibility through action projects and presentations.  Individual classes plan and execute projects.  We learn about Aboriginal traditions and values throughout the year as presenters share.  We learn about diversity through topics related to global concerns.  Finally, we learn to care for the environment through Outdoor Education.